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Ed Conrad:

Scientists fear evidence man as old as coal

"Physical evidence currently exists that proves man inhabited the earth while coal was being formed, shaking the very foundations of who we really are and how we really got here. An assortment of human bones and soft organs, transformed to rock-like hardness, has been discovered between anthracite veins in Pennsylvania. Since one of the golden rules of geology is that coal was formed during the Carboniferous -- a minimum of 280 million years ago -- it means that man has existed multi-millions of years before the ... insectivore from whom the evolutionists claim we eventually evolved. However, the scientific establishment has wielded its powerful disdainful influence -- deceit, dishonesty, collusion and conspiracy -- to prevent evidence of the most important discovery of the 20th century to be documented as fact and, therefore, keep us from learning a monumental truth about ourselves."

-- Ed Conrad's statement when he first joined the Internet in March 1996

David Fellin:

Unlimited universe filled with other human life

"The size of the known universe. . . is as insignficant as a grain of sand on the ocean floor in comparison to the size of the UNKNOWN universe, which is out there in space but of which we have no knowledge at the present time. And even more astounding - not to me because I have seen some of it and actually had traveled there while out of my body. . . planets containing human life, such as that on earth, are common throughout the vastness of not only the known but also the unknown universe."

-- David Fellin's 1987 notarized letter (well before the Hubble)

Is there really
                                      no end to the Universe?

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